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About German immigration to Texas ("Adeslverein") and Kuno Damian Schutz

The Sophienburg Museum in New Braunfels

Reading about the Adelsverein, the noblemen society which settled several German colonies in Texas around middle 1840's, I found that Kuno Damian von Schutz, a noblemen from Nassau (Hesse), was with them in the year 1845 and wrote a book about its experience: Texas : Rathgeber für Auswanderer nach diesem Lande : Mit besonderer Unterstützung des Vereins zum Schutze Deutscher Einwanderer in Texas, Wiesbaden, Ed. Kreidel First edition 1846, Second edition 1847.

But, in the essay from Benjamin Gilbert, entitled "The Germans in Texas" (1909), I read the next statement:

"Soergel in his work, Neueste Nachrichten aus Texas, Eisleben, 1847, says that the author of the work entitled, Texas Rathgeber fur Auswanderer von Kuno Damian Schutz, Vereinsbeamten in Neu Braunfels, Weisbaden, 1847, had never sent foot in Texas..."

Is this true? I cannot believe this affirmation because there are several references about the travel from Schutz to Texas, and finally to Peru. I haven't been able to get neither the Soergel's book nor the Schutz's book so I couldn't contrast this hypothesis. Can anyone of the kind readers help me with this issue?

Thank you.

Eduardo Salazar

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